Vascular Accreditation

We offer full-service IAC Vascular Testing (ICAVL) accreditation services.

We provide facility-specific consulting for vascular testing accreditation in the following areas:

We are successful at working with your sonographers and physicians to meet the current IAC standards. This includes expert review and selection of images, report compliance, and mandatory QI documentation.

Our professional vascular consultant, Pam Brower, BHSc, RVS, RVT, will personally work with you to remotely review and select all the case studies needed for submission. In addition, she will:

Let us take care of the tedious, time-consuming IAC application process so that your staff can better use their time to complete patient-related duties. Our support encompasses the physicians, sonographers and administrative staff so that they may maintain their productivity during the vascular accreditation project.



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